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Workers' Compensation


Fortunately, there is a policy that pretty closely operates the same from one carrier to another and that is the Workers Compensation policy. It protects your employees who may be injured on the job and pays those medical expenses on an unlimited basis along with state-mandated disability payments . This, however, does not mean it is not without its risks. The issues of volunteers transporting kids or senior citizens to facilities or volunteers used in the operations of many non-profit events and activities causes areas of exposure that need to be addressed in your insurance coverage. This could involve insuring them under the Workers Compensation or maybe an accident policy.

There are issues that develop when a business owner has a problem employee or employees that cause his experience modification factor to increase substantially limited the number of insurance carriers who have an appetite for his business any longer. Another issue quickly developing is the result of contracts being used and signed today where there is a contractual requirement to add an entity with a “Waiver of Subrogation” in their favor. Do you have a partner who can address each of these issues? We at Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) feel we have many options to provide you when it becomes any of these issues. Although the rates with companies do vary, not all companies have the ability to provide you a monthly self reporting method of paying or even a pay as you go billing solution. Why is this important? Cash flow is one of the top concerns of any business owner. When you are able to pay your Workers Compensation premiums based on the actual payroll each time your payroll is run, isn’t that what you have asked for? No ugly surprises when the audit comes around each year. Finally, we have a company that provides a Needlestick Injury reimbursement program to our healthcare providers that reimburses them for the initial costs of testing the patient for blood-borne diseases as well as the employee. Has your current agent not advised you of this option? If not, are you with a partner who understands why you would want this coverage? Isn’t it time to get a second opinion?

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