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Small Business Package

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Many times a business owner has no idea of the options available to them from the insurance industry and how best to build their insurance program. We evaluate all aspects including Professional Liability exposures. The 12 standard companies that we have direct contracts with allow us to offer multi-policy discounts that could amount to an additional 20% savings on your insurance costs. In addition, we find that there are additional savings that can be had by your association with a group of like individuals such as a trade organization you are a member of – the Chamber of Commerce or the local real estate association. With our ability to write no matter where you are in North or South Carolina, we are able to offer Special Package policies or even a Businessowner policy that can offer you significant savings by combining your Property and General Liability exposures all under one policy.

In fact, many times we can include the business owned vehicles and your Professional Liability coverage in this comprehensive policy. What does this mean to you? Savings you should have be receiving that directly impacts your bottom line and even having only one bill from an insurance carrier. On occasion, however, we find it may be more advantageous to split the coverages between multiple companies due to the nature of your operations. Whatever the final outcome in how we build your insurance protection, the result is an advisor who is seeking out the best terms and most competitive pricing of your insurance portfolio. Can you say that about your current insurance advisor? Have you had someone recently to give you an unbiased review and possibly identify gaps in your current coverages? With our world becoming more litigious and fast paced due to the complications caused by the “internet age”, can you confidently say that you are partnered with the right insurance carrier or advisor who understand the risks you encounter every day? Has your agent had a discussion with you about possible breaches of private data stored on your computer that will occur causing tremendous harm to you financially and to the image you so carefully built? We at Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) feel we are that partner of choice. We are proud of it and encourage you to take a second look.

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