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Sport Leagues & Camps

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Is this not becoming very popular now with the advent of leagues and associations that cater to sports of all types –football, softball, baseball, even bowling leagues? These types of leagues and associations require coverages that are a bit broader than the Special Event policies mentioned earlier in this Specialty program tab of our website. The risks are very similar, but because there are boards involved, there is a need to insure the decisions that are being made for the benefit of the league or association. This requires Directors and Officers Liability coverages. In our Specialty program tab, we highlight the features of this important coverage and why special attention must be paid to the terms of the policy.

If you are not asking the right questions or have not investigated to make sure that your current insurance advisor is knowledgeable about the pitfalls that do exists in this coverage, you may learn of these gaps when the claim occurs. It could spell the end of your association if funds must be used to supplement any lack of response from your insurance carrier. It is that critical since these policies read so differently from one company to another.

We encourage our clients and prospects who call to purchase an accident policy for those participants who may get hurt while participating in the sporting activity. Doesn’t the General Liability cover this? NO, since most have an exclusion for medical payments coverage while being injured in an organized sporting event. Thus, the need for an accident policy. We offer a policy for most events that will cover up to $25,000 in health related expenses for those who either have no health insurance. In fact, for those who do have their own insurance, there are significant deductibles and coinsurance that requires money out of our pockets. This type of coverage is available at a cost of only $350 per event. Why not include this in the cost of your registration fee when participants sign up for your league? I am certain that the family of the injured participant will appreciate your ability to help them in their time of need. Let Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) be your partner in your next sporting or group event.

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