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Inland Marine


Inland Marine is another property form of coverage that allows much flexibility in how it works to protect a business owner’s property especially if that property that is often being moved to various locations. This could be your contractor equipment like a forklift or a bulldozer that stays on a job site until the job is complete and then moves to the next job site. It could be the materials or supplies needed to install dry wall in a building under renovations, regardless if the materials are owned by you or the building owner who is paying you to do the renovations. These types of exposures are typically covered by this type of insurance, known as an installation floater.

An area of concern when you insure this is that there is no standardized form used by the various insurance companies that offer this. There can be exclusions in one form not found in other policy forms, the valuation of the damaged property and the amount of coverage available at temporary locations or property in storage may be inadequate. Allow us to help you wade through these differences. At Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS), we represent insurance carriers who understand these concerns and are glad to address any inadequacies you may have in your current coverages. 

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