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Non-Profit Organizations


Our experience with non-profit organizations has been enriching and powerful. In fact, it is a big part of who and what we are. We feel so strongly about many of the fine people involved with non-profits that we support them whole heartedly. Check out our facebook pages for pictures of where we are involved in their civic activities or even serve on some of their boards. These non-profits have needs very similar to other industries, but of course, it is different in many ways. Not only are there issues of property and liability concerns, but there are issues that involve decisions being made by a board that require attention. As a result, we feel one of the most important discussions you need to have with an

insurance advisor is a discussion about Directors and Officers coverage. Please check our comments under the Specialty Programs tab of the Directors and Officers Liability section. You may be surprised in what you read.


We have the insurance know how to structure your insurance program regardless if you are a social services facility with overnight accommodations or a camp facility. We currently write group homes, home health care, hospice organizations, religious institutions, fraternity and civic clubs of all types and even homeowner and condo association boards. Let us show you what we can offer. While pricing of the insurance is a concern for everyone, more important is the comprehensiveness of coverages offered. We represent the many of the top writers of non-profit organizations. Our experience has shown us that most agents are unaccustomed to the unique features involved with this industry, but we are confident that we can help. The features could involve Employment practices issues where employees are hired or fired that are in violation of state or federal laws or it could involve an allegation of sexual abuse or contact. Those are horrible situations to phantom, but they do occur. Proper loss control procedures such as background checks, interviewing prospective volunteers and monitoring situations where there are interactions between children and adults are critical to avoiding these types of allegations. We work to install these procedures and encourage our clients to have them reviewed by legal authorities who are familiar with the specific laws in each state. Contact our team to see the results.

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