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Commercial Auto

White Minibuses

While similar to personal auto insurance, business vehicles require special attention to the type of operations that exist in your business. As a result, you may need additional protections beyond the liability and physical damage coverage that most policies contain. What if your employees drive their vehicles to the bank or post office on your behalf or better yet, your best customer is in need of supplies that require you to rent a large box truck immediately? Will your current coverage respond to issues such as this? At Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS), we take the time to ask the right questions and fully understand how each aspect of your operations impacts your ability to grow your business. We make suggestions on issues that go well beyond the pricing of your insurance.

While we agree that pricing is a major concern when you are shopping your insurance, we feel that the value we offer is in our advice on such issues as hiring the right employees in the first place, conducting periodic reviews of your employee’s driving records and maintaining safe vehicles for your employees to operate. These can be brought together in a comprehensive loss control approach that can help you succeed and lower the cost of your Commercial Auto expense. It is in proactive ways such as this that we feel we stand out from our competitors.


Our market reach is extensive. We have some of the strongest markets for businesses regardless if you operate the typical main street retail shop or a well respected medical practice. In fact, we go beyond the area of most of our competitors by writing vehicles used in environmental operations, non-profit organizations and even for-hire operations that transport freight or transport people like shuttle services and Charter and Tour Bus operations.

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