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General Liability

Financial Report

Considered to be one of the most important types of coverages, the General Liability policy is one of the most difficult to understand. Yes, it provides liability protection of your business’ assets up to the limits purchased when some part of your operations creates a liability to someone else. This could be an injury to another person or damage to someone’s property. But this all encompassing coverage has its limitations as well. A typical policy can have numerous exclusions that take away coverages and endorsements that can take even more coverages away or can add back some coverage for an additional premium. It can quickly become very complex, especially when you consider the extremely diverse types of operations that business owners have and the contracts that they sign and agree to. 

Coordinating this all requires an agent who is experienced in writing this coverage and who has the market representation to find the insurance carrier whose appetite is best suited for your business operations. It is not only the pricing that needs to be considered, but also the terms of the policy such as: How do they handle Additional Insureds and Waiver of Subrogations that are being required of me in a contract that I plan to sign? What is meant by a pollution exclusion or professional liability exclusion when I am working as a consultant? What options do I have that I can add to this General Liability policy that better protects me and my clients? What is meant by an “Occurrence” policy and a “Claims Made and reported” policy? With all of these questions and many more, is it any wonder that a business owner needs the assistance of an insurance advisor whom they can trust – someone who can identify the pitfalls and offer suggestions to minimize the risk of something going wrong. We at Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) feel that we are that partner.


The Commercial General Liability is only one part of the liability exposures to consider. There are areas such as Pollution, Employers Liability, Cyber Liabilities, Employment Practices Liability (EPLI), Directors and Officers (D & O) and Professional Liability exposures that may need to be addressed and considered. All of these involve liabilities created by one’s business operations. Why risk your business to someone who doesn’t understand these complexities and hopes that you will not ask the right questions when choosing an insurance provider?


CIS is proud of its representation of some of the country’s strongest financial institutions who offer protection in these areas. Our Special Programs tab provides you some insight on areas we concentrate. However, we have the ability to write most any type of business and would love the opportunity to work with you.

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