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Commercial Umbrella


Although not as well known, Commercial umbrellas act similarly to Personal Umbrellas by providing extra layers of liability protection over some underlying policies. From a business perspective, you most likely will need additional liability protection beyond the limits offered in the Commercial General Liability policy, the Commercial Auto policy or even the Employers Liability limit of the Workers Compensation coverage. It is through this type of policy that this asset protector becomes valuable. The question of how much to purchase is always of a concern. There is no magical answer for any business owner. Why? Your assets and the potential liabilities from your business operations vary tremendously. What do you do when a catastrophic accident occurs and a young father becomes a quadriplegic? Fortunately, the cost of this coverage is relatively small for the extra million dollar layers of protection it offers. Let us at Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) offer you some guidance. With our strong reputation for matching your needs to the products offered in our industry, we feel confident that you can rest easier when life’s unexpected challenges interrupt your business operations.

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