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Commercial Property

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The traditional coverage of insuring a building owned by a business person/ entity and/or its movable items inside has quickly changed due to the introduction of the internet. While the need still exists for those brick and mortar businesses, nearly everyone has operations that involve some aspect of “being connected” to the electronic age. Unfortunately, traditional insurance has failed to keep up since it involves coverage of physical assets – a building or content item – threatened by physical factors like fire, wind and theft. What happens if the damage is caused by a virus? Will the loss of data or worse, the loss of income from being down create financial hardship? Has your agent addressed these issues in your current coverage? Our experience has shown us that these are common gaps in the property insurance that most business owners have. It is so important today to have the right partner working with you as we drive more and more to the paperless environment all in the name of efficiency. We at Carolina Insurance Solutions (CIS) feel that we have helped business owners of all types identify those areas and properly cover them. Can we assist you in order to reduce or eliminate a loss that you thought would have been covered by insurance?

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