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Personal Insurance


As our world moves into an electronic age and insurance companies obtain and evaluate risk based upon more specific data, personal insurance truly becomes “personal” meaning “one size does not fit all”. With many of the leading insurance companies in our agency, we have the ability to help our clients by reviewing all aspects of their lives, evaluating needs and finding the company that best meets their needs at the most competitive pricing. As time goes by, changes occur and our lives change for a host of reasons. Often, insurance companies change as well creating that “not so perfect fit”. Clients of CIS have the benefit of working closely with their agent to once again, evaluate their lives and insurance needs and if needed, make an effortless transition to align their pricing and coverage in the ever changing market. Our clients truly become the “winner” with good advice, financially secure insurance providers, personal service and competitive pricing. At your convenience, we would love to talk to you and see if we can “welcome you on board”.

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